Are you new to the world of cigars and wondering what are some of the best cigars for beginners? Look no further! This article will guide you through the best beginner-friendly cigars and help you choose the right one for your smoking preferences.

It’s important to choose a cigar that is suitable for beginners. Some cigars can be overwhelming and difficult to enjoy for those who are new to smoking. We’ve compiled a list of top picks that are guaranteed to enhance your smoking experienceand leave you wanting more.

Key Takeaways:

  • Choosing the right cigar is crucial for beginners
  • There are many good cigars for beginners
  • Mild cigars are a great option for those who prefer a gentler smoking experience
  • Flavored cigars offer a unique and delightful smoking experience
  • Exploring the world of cigars is an exciting journey
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What are some good cigars for beginners?

What Are Some Good Cigars For Beginners – Points To Consider

As a beginner cigar smoker, choosing the right cigar can make all the difference in your overall smoking experience. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Here are some tips for selecting the best cigar for beginners:

Consider Strength

Cigars come in different strength levels, ranging from mild to full-bodied. As a beginner, it’s best to start with a milder cigar to avoid overwhelming your senses. Look for cigars that are labeled as “mild” or “light” to find the right strength for you.

Think About Flavor

Cigar flavors vary based on several factors, including the type of tobacco used, the wrapper, and the country of origin. If you’re new to cigars, it’s recommended to start with a milder, more straightforward flavor profile, such as earthy and woody. As you become more experienced, you can experiment with more complex flavors.

Consider the Size

Cigar size is measured by length and ring gauge (diameter), which can affect the smoking experience. Beginners should look for cigars with a smaller ring gauge, as they tend to be milder and easier to smoke. The length of the cigar can also affect the smoking time, so consider how long you want to smoke before selecting a cigar.

A Robusto (generally around 5″ long) should last about 45 minutes to an hour…..a great choice for first-time smokers. On the other hand, a ‘Churchill’ will last you well over 90 minutes. A slow-puffer, like myself, can get 2 hours of enjoyment out of this size of cigar (7″ by 48+ ring gauge).

Look for Beginner Cigars

Many cigar brands offer specific cigars designed for beginners. These cigars are typically milder in strength and have a more straightforward flavor profile, making them a great starting point for new smokers. Some of the bestbeginner cigars include the Macanudo Cafe, Arturo Fuente Hemingway, and Perdomo Champagne.

Choosing the right cigar is essential for a pleasant and enjoyable smoking experience. Take your time to explore and find the perfect cigar for you. Remember to start with milder options and work your way up as you gain more experience. Happy smoking!

What are some good cigars for beginners

Top 10 Cigars for Beginners in 2023

If you’re new to cigars, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the bestcigars for beginners. These cigars offer a range of flavors, strengths, and sizes that are perfect for those just starting out on their cigar journey. Here are our picks to answer the question: What are some good cigars for beginners?

CigarWrapperStrengthFlavor Profile
1. Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short StoryCameroonMild-MediumEarthy with notes of cedar and spice
2. Montecristo ClassicConnecticut ShadeMild-MediumCreamy with hints of nuts and a touch of spice
3. Romeo y Julieta 1875IndonesiaMild-MediumSmooth with notes of cedar and roasted nuts
4. Oliva Connecticut ReserveEcuadorian ConnecticutMild-MediumCreamy with hints of cedar and a touch of spice
5. Macanudo CafeConnecticut ShadeMildCreamy with subtle notes of spice and almonds. A very mild
6. Perdomo Reserve ChampagneConnecticut ShadeMild-MediumCreamy with hints of caramel, coffee, and cedar
7. Ashton ClassicConnecticut ShadeMild-MediumCreamy with notes of cedar and a touch of sweetness
8. Drew Estate Undercrown ShadeEcuadorian ConnecticutMild-MediumCreamy with notes of cedar, spice, and a hint of sweetness. Great value for the money
9. Davidoff Grand Cru No. 2Ecuadorian ConnecticutMild-MediumSmooth with notes of cream, cedar, and a hint of spice
10. Rocky Patel ConnecticutEcuadorian ConnecticutMildCreamy with notes of cedar and a hint of spice

These top 10 cigars for beginners in 2023 are just the beginning of your journey into the world of cigars. Try a few of these and discover what flavors, strengths, and sizes you prefer. Don’t be afraid to keep exploring and trying new cigars – there’s a whole world of flavor waiting for you to discover.

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Exploring Different Brands for Beginner Smokers

If you’re new to the world of cigars, it can be overwhelming to know where to start when selecting a brand. Luckily, there are several cigar brands that are known for producing quality cigars for beginners.

One of the most popular brands for beginners is Romeo y Julieta. Known for their consistent quality and smooth flavor profile, Romeo y Julieta cigars are an excellent choice for those who are new to smoking cigars. Another great option is Oliva, which produces a wide range of cigar strengths and flavors, so you can find the perfect match for your taste. Other popular brands include Arturo Fuente, Ashton, and my favorite, Perdomo.

What sets these brands apart is their commitment to using high-quality ingredients and attention to detail in crafting their cigars. They also offer a variety of cigar sizes, so you can choose the one that suits your smoking preferences.

When selecting a brand, keep in mind that everyone’s taste is different, and what works for one person may not work for another. It’s important to experiment with different brands and styles to discover one that best suits your taste buds.

Overall, selecting a brand is all about finding a cigar that speaks to you and fits your needs. With so many quality brands to choose from, you’re sure to find one that you’ll love.

Understanding Mild Cigars for a Gentle Smoking Experience

As a beginner smoker, you may be looking for a more gentle smoking experience. This is where mild cigars come in. Mild cigars are perfect for those who prefer a more subtle flavor and a smoother smoking experience.

Mild cigars are known for their light-bodied flavor, which is achieved through the use of milder tobacco blends. They typically use lighter-colored Connecticut wrapper such as Connecticut Shade, which are grown on farms in the northeastern United States.

Cigar Plantation
What are some good cigars for beginners?

The wrappers of mild cigars are known for their delicate texture and smooth flavor. They often have a creamy, nutty, or slightly sweet taste, making them a great choice for beginners who want to enjoy a cigar without harshness.

When it comes to size, mild cigars are usually smaller, with a ring gauge of around 44-50. This makes them perfect for those who are not used to smoking larger cigars.

If you prefer a more subtle smoking experience, we recommend trying out the Romeo y Julieta 1875 or the Arturo Fuente Hemingway. These mild cigars are popular among beginners and offer a smooth, gentle smoke that is sure to please.

Exploring the World of Nicaraguan Cigars for Beginners

If you’re a beginner cigar smoker looking for a unique smoking experience, you should definitely explore the world of Nicaraguan cigars.Nicaraguan tobacco is known for its bold and complex flavors, making it a popular choice among cigar enthusiasts.

One of the reasons Nicaraguan cigars are so highly regarded is due to the country’s ideal growing conditions. Nicaragua has the perfect combination of soil, climate, and altitude, allowing its tobacco to flourish and develop its distinct flavor profile.

Cigar roller at work
Cigar coller at work producing a great, handmade premium cigar.

Nicaraguan cigars are also known for their excellent construction. Many of the top cigar brands in the world source their tobacco from Nicaragua, making it a go-to destination for cigar makers looking to create premium cigars.

When trying a Nicaraguan cigar for the first time, you can expect potent and rich flavors that are sure to leave a lasting impression. Some of the popular Nicaraguan cigar brands for beginners include Perdomo, Illusione, and My Father Cigars.

So, if you’re looking for a smoking experience that’s full of bold and complex flavors, be sure to give Nicaraguan cigars a try. With its ideal growing conditions and excellent construction, it’s no wonder why they’re a top choice for cigar enthusiasts around the world.

Beginner-Friendly Flavored Cigars: A Delightful Alternative

If you’re looking for a unique and enjoyable smoking experience, flavored cigars are a great option to consider.Flavored cigars come in a variety of delicious flavors that can enhance your smoking experience and deliver a burst of sweet or savory taste sensations.

What are some good cigars for beginners What Are Some Good Cigars For Beginners

Some of the most popular flavors include vanilla, cherry, and coffee. You can also find more unique flavors like bourbon, coconut, and even pumpkin spice.

Cigar Leaves

One great thing about flavored cigars is that they are often milder and smoother, making them an excellent choice for beginners who may find traditional cigars too harsh or overwhelming. The flavors can also mask any bitterness or unpleasant tastes that some cigars may have.

However, keep in mind that flavored cigars may not be for everyone. Some cigar aficionados prefer the natural taste of tobacco and consider flavored cigars to be a novelty. It’s important to try different types of cigars to figure out what you enjoy best.

Overall, if you’re looking to spice up your smoking experience with a delightful burst of flavor, give flavored cigars a try and see what tasty options are available.

Cigar Etiquette: Tips for New Cigar Smokers

Congratulations on starting your journey as a new cigar smoker! As you learn more about the art of smoking cigars, it’s important also to understand the unspoken rules of cigars. Hereare some tips to keep in mind as you begin your cigar-smoking journey.

Cutting Your Cigar

It all starts with preparing your cigar. Despite of what the movies show, NEVER bit the end off!! Use a proper cigar-cutting tool. Here are 3 types of cigar cutters most commonly used for this purpose.

Lighting Your Cigar

Properly lighting your cigar is the first step to a great smoking experience. Use a butane lighter or a wooden match to light the foot of the cigar, and rotate it to ensure an even burn. Avoid using a regular lighter or a candle, as the chemicals can affect the taste of the cigar. Once lit, gently blow on the foot of the cigar to make sure it’s evenly lit.

Holding Your Cigar

When holding your cigar, avoid using your teeth to hold it in place. Instead, hold it between your thumb and forefinger, leaving enough room to allow air to circulate around the cigar. Never inhale the smoke – instead, let it roll around in your mouth and savor the different flavors.

Enjoying the Smoking Experience

Take your time while smoking your cigar, and avoid rushing through the experience. Don’t ash your cigar too frequently – it’s better to allow the ash to build up before tapping it into the ashtray. Also, be aware of your surroundings and those around you. If you’re smoking in a public place, be mindful of other people’s preferences and respectfully ask if it’s okay to light up.

Here are some tips on Cigar Lounge Etiquette as well.

The Joy of Exploring the World of Cigars

Cigars are not just a smoking habit but a ritual that brings people together. As a beginner, you might have started smoking cigars to try something new, or maybe you were intrigued by the rich history and culture behind it. But as you continue your journey, you’ll discover that smoking cigars is so much more than just a hobby. It’s an art form that requires attention to detail and a willingness to explore.

The world of cigars is vast and varied, with countless brands, blends, and flavors to discover. As you explore the different options available, you’ll develop a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship and complexity that goes into each cigar.

One of the most rewarding aspects of becoming a cigar smoker is sharing your passion with others. Whether you’re enjoying a smoke with friends or a cigar event, you’ll find that the cigar community is filled with like-minded individuals who share your love of the leaf.

As you continue to delve deeper into the world of cigars, you may find yourself becoming a cigar aficionado. This means that you’ll not only enjoy smoking cigars, but you’ll also appreciate the artistry and history behind each one.

Don’t be afraid to try new cigars and expand your palate. With time, you’ll develop a preference for certain brands, strengths, and flavors, and you’ll begin to recognize the nuances that make each cigar unique.

So, embrace the journey and enjoy the ride. With each cigar you try, you’ll deepen your understanding and appreciation for this timeless tradition. Welcome to the wonderful world of cigars!


Choosing the right cigar can make all the difference, especially for beginners. Remember to consider factors like strength, flavor, and size when making your choice. With so many good cigars for beginners available, it’s easy to find one that suits your taste.

Our list of some of the bestcigars for beginners in 2023 includes a variety of options, from mild to flavored, so you can try something new and discover your favorites. And as you continue to explore the world of cigars, don’t fAsto practice proper cigar etiquette and respect others’ preferences in smoking environments.

Whether you’re looking for a gentle smoking experience or a unique flavor, there’s a beginner-friendly cigar out there for you In the end, the best cigar is the one YOU enjoy the most.

F.A.Q.’s About Cigars

Q: How do I choose my first cigar?

A: When choosing your first cigar, it’s important to consider your taste preferences and the strength of the cigar. Look for mellow or medium-bodied cigars that are perfect for beginners.

Q: Which cigar brand is popular among beginners?

A: Romeo y Julieta is one of the most popular cigar brands among beginners. It offers a wide range of options, and their cigars are known for their quality and smooth smoke. Romeo y Julieta is a Cuban cigar brand that has gained international recognition and popularity. Established in 1875, it has a rich history and has become synonymous with excellence in the cigar industry.

Q: Are there any cigar samplers available for beginners?

A: Yes, there are many cigar samplers available specifically designed for beginners. These samplers usually include a variety of mellow to medium-bodied cigars to help you explore different flavors.

What are some good cigars for beginners What Are Some Good Cigars For Beginners

Q: What are some popular cigars that aren’t too strong for beginners?

A: Some popular cigars that aren’t too strong for beginners include Acid, Arturo Fuente, Macanudo, and Perdomo. These brands offer a variety of options with milder flavors.

Q: What is a ‘premium’ cigar?

A: A premium cigar is a cigar that is made entirely by hand from the finest quality tobacco. The tobacco used in premium cigars is aged for a minimum of two years and sometimes longer. Premium cigars are made in small batches to ensure consistency and quality.

Q: What is a ‘medium-bodied’ cigar?

A: A medium-bodied cigar is a cigar that has a medium strength and body. Medium-bodied cigars are usually made with a combination of tobaccos from different regions. This results in a cigar with a complex flavor and a well-rounded smoke.

Q: What are some popular ‘premium’ cigars that aren’t too strong for beginners?

A: Acid, Arturo Fuente, Macanudo, and Perdomo are all popular premium cigar brands that offer a variety of options with milder flavors. These brands are a great place to start if you’re looking for a premium cigar that isn’t too strong.