As a passionate and seasoned cigar enthusiast, my journey has led me to explore countless cigars spanning various brands, origins, and flavors. In this unbiased Perdomo Inmenso 70 review, my aim is to provide fellow cigar lovers with valuable insights and information that will guide you in determining whether this premium Nicaraguan cigar is the right fit for your humidor. Utilizing extensive research and personal experience, I will examine every aspect of the Perdomo Inmenso 70, from its construction and tobacco blend to the user experiences and cigar industry ratings.

Join me in this comprehensive assessment as we delve into this exquisite offering from Perdomo cigars and explore what makes the Perdomo Inmenso Seventy Maduro and Perdomo Inmenso Seventy Sun Grown cigars stand out among their premium cigar counterparts.

Key Takeaways

  • Perdomo Inmenso 70 cigars excel in both blend consistency and construction quality
  • These Nicaraguan puro cigars are available in Maduro and Sun Grown wrapper options
  • The large 70-ring gauge size contributes to a longer smoking duration and a pleasurable hold
  • First-hand smoker reviews and expert opinions show favorable ratings for the Perdomo Inmenso 70
  • Considering the craftsmanship and smoking experience, the Perdomo Inmenso 70 cigars provide value that justifies their price

Introduction to Perdomo Inmenso 70 Cigars

The world of premium cigars can often feel overwhelming for newcomers, with countless brands and varieties vying for attention. Within this sea of options, the Perdomo Inmenso 70 cigars manage to stand out, offering a truly distinctive experience that leaves a lasting impression. As a renowned Nicaraguan cigar, the Perdomo Inmenso 70 blends the best aspects of the Perdomo brand, with its unique large ring gauge cigars that cater to connoisseurs yearning for a bold yet sophisticated smoke.

Created by the accomplished Nick Perdomo, the Perdomo Inmenso 70 showcases the brand’s commitment to extraordinary craftsmanship and cigar-making innovation. The Inmenso 70 boasts a formidable 70-ring gauge and comes in two captivating variations: Sun Grown wrapper and Maduro wrapper.

With its impressive size and remarkable blend of flavors, the Perdomo Inmenso 70 is a testament to the cigar-making art and a worthy addition to any cigar lover’s collection.

To better understand the bold flavors and captivating qualities of the Perdomo Inmenso 70, allow me to provide you with a comprehensive guide. From its roots in the Nicaraguan cigar tradition to the meticulous selection of wrappers and blends, this introduction to cigars will help you uncover the remarkable details that contribute to the Perdomo Inmenso 70’s compelling allure.

WrapperCharacteristicsRecommended For
Sun GrownBright, lively flavors with a complex taste profile.Those seeking a vibrant, refreshing smoke.
MaduroRich, robust experience with deeper flavor intensity.Experienced smokers craving an intense, complex experience.

Regardless of whether you choose the Sun Grown or Maduro wrapper, the Perdomo Inmenso 70 offers a satisfactory medium to full-bodied smoking session that caters to a wide variety of tastes. With its exceptional construction and commitment to the finest Nicaraguan tobacco, the Perdomo Inmenso 70 serves as a fitting introduction to the world of premium cigars and a tribute to the passion and expertise of the Perdomo brand.

Perdomo Inmenso 70 Unbiased Perdomo Inmenso 70 Review: A Cigar Lovers Insight
Perdomo Inmenso 70

Breaking Down the Perdomo Inmenso 70: Blend and Construction

From its Nicaraguan roots to its premium blend and remarkable construction, the Perdomo Inmenso 70 cigar is a testament to the craftsmanship and skill that goes into creating a truly satisfying smoking experience. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at the characteristics that make this cigar a standout choice for aficionados.

The Nicaraguan Roots: Sun Grown and Maduro Wrappers

The Perdomo Inmenso 70 cigars showcase their Nicaraguan heritage through the use of Sun Grown and Maduro wrappers. These distinct cigar wrappers contribute to the cigar’s robust flavor profiles and visual appeal. The Sun Grown wrapper offers a lighter, more vibrant experience, while the Maduro option introduces a richer, deeper smoke. Both options are crafted using high-quality Nicaraguan tobacco, which is acclaimed for its superior flavor and burning properties.

Perdomo Inmenso 70 Unbiased Perdomo Inmenso 70 Review: A Cigar Lovers Insight

What’s Inside: Filler and Binder

The heart of the Perdomo Inmenso 70 cigar lies in its carefully selected fillers and binders. The blend consists of Nicaraguan puro tobaccos—tobacco that uses all Nicaraguan leaves—derived from Cuban-seed. This meticulous selection process ensures that the aged tobaccos bring complexity to each cigar, resulting in a

“balanced and layered smoking experience that satisfies even the most discerning palate.”

This complex blend features premium cigar fillers, including a robust Nicaraguan robusto filler and an aromatic epicure filler. The binder is equally complex, ensuring a harmonious marriage between the flavors and construction of this impressive cigar.

Perdomo Inmenso 70 Unbiased Perdomo Inmenso 70 Review: A Cigar Lovers Insight

Size and Shape: The Significance of 70 Ring Gauge

A defining feature of the Perdomo Inmenso 70 is its size, with a large 70-ring gauge that contributes to a more extended smoking duration and a more generous volume of smoke with each puff. This size and shape cater to those who appreciate a big, medium to full-bodied cigar that promises both comfort in hold and consistent burn.

These two variants provide cigar enthusiasts with a choice between a bolder, more intense Maduro or a lively, more vibrant Sun Grown smoke – catering to a range of individual preferences. With its impressive blend, construction, and size, the Perdomo Inmenso 70 stands as a remarkable expression of the art of cigar-making.

This wonderful cigar comes in 3 different sizes, all featuring the 70-ring gauge, but varying in lenght. Cigar lovers have the choice of:

  • The 5″ Robusto
  • The 6″ Epicure (Perdomo’s designation for the Toro)
  • The 7″ Churchill

Perdomo Inmenso 70 Unbiased Perdomo Inmenso 70 Review: A Cigar Lovers Insight

The Smoking Experience: Flavor Profile and Strength

Perdomo Inmenso 70 cigars offer a distinctive flavor profile, appealing to both beginners and seasoned aficionados alike. The intricate interplay of flavors sets these cigars apart, with cedar, raisin, and coffee notes harmoniously transitioning through the smoking experience. The choice between Sun Grown and Maduro wrappers adds further depth to the flavor exploration.

Opting for the bolder Maduro variant, smokers can expect a rich, full-bodied experience. Conversely, the lively Sun Grown wrapper imbues the cigar with a vibrant, medium-bodied character. Regardless of the wrapper choice, these cigars boast an enticing tobacco aroma, making them an ideal choice for a wide range of palates.

Perdomo Inmenso 70 is a flavor journey in every puff; its complex and smooth notes never cease to impress me.

The cigar’s complexity can be further categorized into a robusto flavor and an epicure flavor. These designations pertain to the different tasting notes and strengths apparent in each smoking phase, ensuring a dynamic and captivating journey. To aid in deciphering these nuances, the table below outlines the diverse tasting notes and strengths of the Perdomo Inmenso 70 cigars:

Wrapper VariantFlavor ProfileStrength
Sun GrownCedar, Raisin, CoffeeMedium-bodied
MaduroCedar, Raisin, CoffeeFull-bodied

Whether exploring the world of cigars for the first time or revisiting a familiar favorite, the Perdomo Inmenso 70 guarantees a satisfying smoking experience catering to diverse preferences. Its exquisite blend and carefully crafted flavor profile secure its position as a high-quality choice for cigar enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable adventure.

Perdomo Inmenso 70 Unbiased Perdomo Inmenso 70 Review: A Cigar Lovers Insight

User Experiences and Perdomo Inmenso 70 Ratings

The Perdomo Inmenso 70 has been gaining popularity among cigar aficionados. Gathering insights from both first-hand smoker reviews and expert opinions reveal various aspects of this cigar that make it appealing to a wide range of consumers. In this section, we’ll explore what the actual users and professionals in the cigar industry have to say about the Perdomo Inmenso 70.

First-Hand Smoker Reviews

Smoker reviews hold a significant value for potential cigar buyers since they provide real-life testimonials from those who have tried the product. The Perdomo cigar experiences are often detailed, covering every vital aspect, such as flavor, burn quality, and overall satisfaction. Here is a selection of first-hand smoker reviews that highlight various personal ratings and provide deeper insights:

“Affordable premium experience. The Inmenso 70 Maduro is a beautiful demonstration of Perdomo’s flair for creating cigars that cater to everyone. As a frequent cigar smoker, I find the flavor profile complex and rich without overpowering the senses.” – James Anderson, Miami, FL

“Size does matter! I am absolutely impressed with the size of these cigars. They feel great in the hand and give a wonderful smoking experience. The Sun Grown version has become a permanent fixture in my humidor.” – Lisa Park, San Diego, CA

Collecting these customer testimonials is crucial in understanding the stand of Perdomo Inmenso 70 in the minds of cigar smokers.

Expert Opinions in the Cigar Industry

Reputed cigar experts and industry professionals often assess various criteria of a cigar, such as construction, blend, and flavor profile. These expert opinions serve as an authoritative source on the credibility and standing of the Perdomo Inmenso 70. Let’s take a look at some professional cigar ratings and staff reviews:

John Hart, Cigar Aficionado90“Tons of smoke and an impressive creation from Perdomo. Flavors of cedar and raisin are nicely balanced while the finish leaves subtle notes of coffee.”
Jennifer True, Smoke Magazine92“A great addition to the Perdomo line. Slow and even burn, with an impeccable draw—these cigars are perfect for those who love to invest in a long, enjoyable smoking sessions.

Cigar aficionado opinions and industry insights contribute to a well-rounded understanding of this notable cigar. Both first-hand smoker reviews and expert opinions play a vital role in gauging the true value and potential of Perdomo’s Inmenso 70 cigars.

Cigar Journal voted the Inmenso as #4 on their Top-25 List of 2022 Cigars.

Perdomo Inmenso 70 Unbiased Perdomo Inmenso 70 Review: A Cigar Lovers Insight

Suggested Drink Pairings With The Perdomo Inmenso

In the quest for the perfect pairing, aficionados of the Perdomo Inmenso 70 cigar can elevate their smoking experience with a selection of thoughtfully chosen alcoholic beverages. Here are four specific drinks that harmonize beautifully with this robust cigar:

Jack Daniels Single Barrel Proof Whiskey: The flavor profile of this whiskey is rich and full-bodied, with notes of caramel, oak, and a hint of vanilla. – It pairs well with the Perdomo Inmenso 70 due to its strong character and high proof, which can stand up to the medium to full-bodied smoke of the cigar. The whiskey’s deep flavors complement the earthy, nutty, and spicy notes of the cigar, creating a harmonious balance.

Cognac (Vintage): Vintage cognac offers a complex flavor with layers of dried fruit, nuts, and a warm, spicy finish. – The full-bodied nature of vintage cognac makes it an excellent match for the Perdomo Inmenso 70. Its aromatic complexity unfolds in waves, echoing the rich and satisfying smoking experience provided by the well-aged tobaccos in the cigar.

Dark Rum: Dark rum typically has a sweet molasses base with undertones of spices, oak, and sometimes a smoky finish. – The sweetness and spice of dark rum pair exceptionally well with full-bodied cigars like the Perdomo Inmenso 70. The rum’s sweetness can highlight the Maduro wrapper’s chocolatey tones, while the spices resonate with the cigar’s inherent earthiness.

Cabernet Sauvignon: This full-bodied red wine is known for its dark fruit flavors and hints of oak, vanilla, and spices. – A good Cabernet Sauvignon complements the Perdomo Inmenso 70’s robust profile. The tannins in the wine interact favorably with the rich, bold flavors of the cigar, while the dark fruit notes provide a pleasant contrast to the tobacco’s natural spice and nuttiness.

Each of these drinks not only stands up to the substantial flavor profile of the Perdomo Inmenso 70 but also enhances the smoking experience by adding layers of complementary or contrasting flavors, making for a truly indulgent and sophisticated pairing.

Pricing and Value: Is the Perdomo Inmenso 70 Worth Its Cost?

In the realm of premium cigars, finding the perfect balance between quality and cost is crucial. The Perdomo Inmenso 70 price stands as a testament to its impressive value proposition in the cigar industry, demonstrating that it is possible to enjoy a premium smoking experience without breaking the bank.

By examining the cigar value of the Perdomo Inmenso 70, we can better understand its cost-effectiveness for aficionados seeking a top-notch cigar at a reasonable price. To achieve this, we must compare its pricing and cost with the overall satisfaction it delivers.

What makes the Perdomo Inmenso 70’s pricing so attractive is the skillful blend of supreme craftsmanship and premium tobacco selection, creating a rewarding smoking experience that justifies its cigar affordability.

Cigar FeaturesFactors Contributing to Value
Blend and ConstructionQuality Nicaraguan tobacco, Cuban-seed, meticulous selection of aged tobaccos
Flavor Profile and StrengthSmooth transitions of cedar, raisin, and coffee notes, medium to full-bodied experience
User Experiences and RatingsHighly regarded by both first-hand smokers and experts in the cigar industry
Pricing and CostCompetitive pricing compared to similar premium cigars on the market

In light of the table above, it is clear that the worth of premium cigars like the Perdomo Inmenso 70 is measured by more than just their price tags. Factors such as blend and construction, flavor profile and strength, user experiences and ratings, and pricing and cost all contribute to the determination of the cigar’s true value. The Perdomo Inmenso 70 checks all these boxes, establishing itself as a cost-effective option for both new and experienced smokers alike.

By comparing the Perdomo cigar pricing to the quality and experience it provides, we can conclude that each puff of the Perdomo Inmenso 70 offers excellent value per puff. Ensuring that you never feel like you have to compromise on quality for the sake of affordability, the Inmenso 70 stands as a testament to the fact that a cigar’s true worth lies in the satisfying experience it delivers.

Conclusion: Should the Perdomo Inmenso 70 be Your Next Cigar Pick?

As a discerning cigar aficionado, selecting the right cigar can be a challenging task. The choice is influenced by factors such as blend, smoking profile, expert ratings, and value proposition. In light of our comprehensive review, the Perdomo Inmenso 70 emerges as an excellent option for both cigar connoisseurs and newcomers who seek a premium, exceptional smoking experience.

The Perdomo Inmenso 70 cigars showcase outstanding Nicaraguan craftsmanship, complete with their distinctive 70-ring gauge that guarantees an indulgent and extensive smoking session. Their well-rounded flavor profile, formed due to the luscious blend of Nicaraguan Sun Grown and Maduro wrappers, provides the perfect harmony between taste and aroma, thus delivering a satisfying hookup for every enthusiast.

Ultimately, our unbiased review establishes the Perdomo Inmenso 70 as a worthy contender in the world of premium cigars. Offering advantageous value, along with its impressive construction and delectable taste, it stands out as an excellent choice for those who want to experience a rich, balanced, and gratifying smoking adventure. As you embark on your journey through the world of premium cigars, we believe the Perdomo Inmenso 70 certainly deserves to be a top pick in your humidor.

FAQ About the Perdomo Inmenso 70 Review

Where can I buy Perdomo Inmenso 70 cigars?

The Perdomo Inmenso Seventy Maduro Robusto and Epicure cigars are available at various retailers, including online cigar shops, and may also be found at brick-and-mortar cigar stores.

What are the notable characteristics of Perdomos Inmenso 70 cigars?

Perdomo Inmenso Seventy cigars are recognized for their big ring sizes, use of all Nicaraguan tobaccos, and the full-bodied smoking experience they offer.

What are the key features of the Perdomo Inmenso 70 cigars?

Perdomo Inmenso Seventy Maduro and Sun Grown varieties are known for their big ring sizes, Nicaraguan Maduro wrapper, and robust blend, providing a full and rich smoking experience.