25 Non Toxic Houseplants Safe For Pets & Kids

There are plenty of reasons to bring popular houseplants into your home. They can improve air quality, support cognitive health, boost your sense of well-being, and improve your emotional wellness. They can also create a calming aesthetic throughout your home that will make you feel warm and comfortable in your living space.

Whether you have pets or small children, or just want a completely safe and enjoyable home environment, it’s important to bring in non toxic houseplants. Thankfully, there are plenty of safe plants to consider, for everyone and pet owners.

1. Spider Plants

Spider Plants
Spider Plants are one of the most common non toxic houseplants

The spider plant is one of the most common indoor houseplants, and there’s no question as to why. They’re easy to maintain, and even with inconsistent watering, they can flourish, grow, and flower into big and beautiful arrangements.

They are also safe for both dogs and cats to be around and even take a nibble, but we wouldn’t recommend it unless you want the leaves to look like they’ve been attacked with a hole punch!

2. African Violet

non toxic houseplants Houseplants Safe For Pets & Kids

African Violets produce vibrant, eye-catching blooms and they’ll even bloom in low light or indirect sunlight. If you don’t necessarily have a green thumb, don’t worry. They tend to bloom even with minimal care and irregular watering.

If you’re trying to introduce more plants into your life to promote sustainability, this is a wonderful option that won’t require a lot of attention or water waste. By going green with plants like these, you’ll enjoy health benefits like:

● Improved oxygen intake;

● Reduced exposure to household chemicals;

● Improved mental wellness.

As a bonus, these plants are very easy to propagate, so you can give some to friends and family, too! Definitely a low-maintenance houseplant.

3. Boston Fern

non toxic houseplants Houseplants Safe For Pets & Kids

The Boston Fern is known for its full, sword-like fronds, making it a popular hanging houseplant. It’s one of the best houseplants for purifying the air while adding moisture. Since most people hang these plants, you probably wouldn’t have to worry about a pet or child getting into one.

But even if they do, the Boston Fern are safe and non toxic houseplants, and excellent choice when looking for pet-friendly plants.

4. Prayer Plant

non toxic houseplants Houseplants Safe For Pets & Kids

The Prayer Plant gets its name from the unique way its leaves turn up each night, as though they are hands getting ready to pray. Because of that characteristic, it’s a highly-recognizable, indoor non toxic houseplant.

While these plants can be a bit picky about their water choices (you should use distilled or filtered water), they’re fairly easy to maintain and there’s no record of toxicity.

5. Parlor Palm

non toxic houseplants Houseplants Safe For Pets & Kids

If you’ve ever wanted your home to feel a bit more tropical, bringing in a Parlor Palm is a great way to make it happen. This plant stems from Southern Mexico and Guatemala, and doesn’t get much taller than about six feet, though it can take decades to reach that height.

Parlor Palms are known for being incredible air purifiers. They remove pollutants like formaldehyde and carbon monoxide, which can be especially helpful if you have people with respiratory issues in your house. A great addition to your home.

6. Baby Rubber Plant

non toxic houseplants Houseplants Safe For Pets & Kids

Rubber plants are some of the most popular indoor plant options for homeowners because they’re easy to recognize and even easier to care for. You can use the leaves of the rubber plant to treat skin issues and rashes.

If you’re skeptical of over-the-counter medications or you’re pregnant and trying to utilize natural home remedies for different ailments, finding ways to take care of your body with plants can offer you peace of mind.

7. Chinese Money Plant

non toxic houseplants Houseplants Safe For Pets & Kids

The Chinese Money Plant was originally believed to bring good luck and fortune – hence the name. Whether you believe a money plant will bring you prosperity or not, they’re great non-toxic houseplants.

They’re safe for pets, easy to take care of, and often prefer low light. However, some people believe that the better you take care of your money plant, the greater your wealth will be!

8. Rattlesnake Plant

non toxic houseplants Houseplants Safe For Pets & Kids

Unlike the animal they’re named after, Rattlesnake Plants aren’t poisonous. They produce a lot of oxygen thanks to their big, beautiful leaves, and are suitable for everywhere from your bedroom to your home office. They also trap dust, which can help with household allergens.

This plant can be a bit finicky when it comes to care. Do your research and determine whether you have the time or plant knowledge to give it what it needs, or bring one home if you’re ready to take on a challenge.

9. Cast Iron Plant

non toxic houseplants Houseplants Safe For Pets & Kids

The Cast Iron plant gets its name thanks to its hardy constitution. It’s an extremely sturdy, strong plant that improves air quality and is safe for pets and kids. If you want to bring a touch of the tropics indoors, this is a great option. Many people also use it as an outdoor option for groundcover or to fill in space between other plants.

10. Christmas Cactus

non toxic houseplants Houseplants Safe For Pets & Kids

You don’t have to wait until the holiday season to enjoy the benefits of a Christmas Cactus. This plant gets its name thanks to the time of year it blooms, but it’s an easy-to-care-for succulent the rest of the year. With proper care, it can live over 100 years!

11. Wax Plant

non toxic houseplants Houseplants Safe For Pets & Kids

The Wax Plant is known for its “waxy” leaves and sweet-smelling flowers. It only takes about two years to fully mature, and they’re an easy plant to propagate. They’re easy to care for and only require medium indirect light.

12. Watermelon Peperomia

non toxic houseplants Houseplants Safe For Pets & Kids

While you won’t get any juicy watermelons from this plant, the Watermelon Peperomia is a great option for an indoor plant thanks to its beautiful big leaves and flowers. If you’re willing to keep it watered frequently, it could be a wonderful introductory option for any new “plant parent”.

13. Aloe Vera

non toxic houseplants Houseplants Safe For Pets & Kids

Aloe Vera might be the most popular non-toxic plant on this list. It also contains both antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Aloe Vera plants are easy to take care of, interesting to look at, and safe for kids, and pets alike. Plus, if your little one gets a scrape, cut or skin irritation, you can use the plant to help it heal faster!

14. Zebra Plant

non toxic houseplants Houseplants Safe For Pets & Kids

The Zebra Plant features beautiful white stripes creating contrast on large, dark green leaves. It’s an incredibly attractive houseplant that’s a great option for home staging, or for photos to show off your home decor. It’s non-toxic and very slow growing, so you can enjoy it for up to a decade with proper care.

15. Lipstick Plant

non toxic houseplants Houseplants Safe For Pets & Kids

The Lipstick Plant is known for its interesting flower buds that “peek” out from small tubes. This creates the illusion of multiple tubes of vibrant, beautiful lipstick. It’s a wonderful talking piece for people who stop by, and makes a great gift for anyone interested in indoor plants, beauty and non toxic houseplants!

16. Swedish Ivy

non toxic houseplants Houseplants Safe For Pets & Kids

Swedish Ivy is a popular houseplant because of its equal level of beauty and beneficial properties. It has a very unique odor that can help with sinus issues when it’s used as an indoor plant. If you place it outdoors, that same odor can help to ward off mosquitos and other insects.

It’s a beautiful “creeping” houseplant that can flourish just about anywhere. This makes it a great plant if you have cats or dogs that like to explore and nibble on your plants.

17. Friendship Plant

non toxic houseplants Houseplants Safe For Pets & Kids

Pilea involucrata – the Friendship Plant – gets its name due to the fact that it typically offers countless cuttings that can be given to friends and family members.

It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving in the indoor plant world. The Friendship Plant is easy to maintain, only requires water every few days, and isn’t poisonous to people or pets.

non toxic houseplants Houseplants Safe For Pets & Kids

18. Burro’s Tail

non toxic houseplants Houseplants Safe For Pets & Kids

Burro’s Tail is a succulent that many people choose to put in a hanging basket so its natural trailing stems can hang down and eventually flower. It’s a unique-looking plant that resembles the tail of a donkey.

This plant is relatively easy to take care of and only requires weekly misting. It’s one of the best succulent options for pets, not only because it’s harder for them to reach if you choose to hang it, but because it’s completely safe and non-toxic. A great choice.

19. Peacock Plant

non toxic houseplants Houseplants Safe For Pets & Kids

The Peacock Plant tends to be one of the more finicky options on this list, but don’t let that deter you from bringing it into your home. It’s a gorgeous plant with striking leaf patterns. You also won’t have to worry about those gorgeous leaves causing any problems with kids or your furry friends.

20. Snake Plant

non toxic houseplants Houseplants Safe For Pets & Kids
Snake Plants are popular non toxic houseplants

Snake Plants are popular and incredibly easy to take care of. They provide a lot of character to the average home (and are often used in advertisements and home staging photos), and you’ll enjoy benefits like:

● Filtered air;

● Fewer toxic pollutants;

● A mental health boost;

● An improved “energy” to your space.

21. Hoya Carnosa

non toxic houseplants Houseplants Safe For Pets & Kids

The Hoya Carnosa has been popular across the globe for good reason — it’s low maintenance, easy to propagate, and has beautiful, thick leaves. This plant also has a unique scent, often described as something sweet and citrusy.

22. Butterfly Palm

Attractive Butterfly Palm
Attractive Butterfly Palm ; Non toxic Houseplants

The Butterfly Palm, also known as an areca palm, grows about 6-10 inches each year and up to 30 feet. They’re native to Madagascar and can make any room in your home feel tropical! If your plant eventually becomes too much to handle, you can transfer it outdoors (in the right conditions and climate).

23. Cat Grass

Cat Grass
Cat grass is actually healthy for your cats to eat. Non Toxic houseplants

Cat Grass isn’t just safe for pets – it can actually benefit your feline friends. It can help your favorite kitty with digestive issues. Plus, it will make their breath smell fresh and clean!

24. Echevarria Succluents

Echevarria Succulents
Echevarria Succulents. One of the easy to maintain non toxic houseplants

Often called “hens and chicks”, Echevarria Succulents are very easy to take care of, and you can fill your home with a wide variety of different styles, shapes, and sizes! These particular succulents have grown in popularity over the last few years because they’re safe for pets, and only require occasional misting.

25. Bird’s Nest Fern

Non Toxic Houseplants ; Birds Nest Fern
Non Toxic Houseplants ; Birds Nest Fern

The Bird’s Nest Fern is a beautiful houseplant that will do well in any environment that closely resembles its native habitat. Try to keep them in humid areas by spritzing them with water frequently. With the right care, your fern’s fronds can reach anywhere from 2-5 feet.

Here is a nice video to help with plants in small spaces