7 Kitchen Design Tricks

Kitchen Design Tricks

With school lunch preparation, family dinners and quick, messy snacks for the toddlers, a family kitchen often looks like a war zone! Sauces everywhere, wet spots on the floor and counters overflowing with trinkets! However, these kitchen design tips will open up your space, improve your organization and help you maintain a beautiful and clean family kitchen. Let’s take a look!

Bring in some colour

Colourful Kitchen
Simple Kitchen Design Tricks: Add some colour

The best place to experiment with colour is definitely the family kitchen! Try incorporating two-toned cabinets (upper cabinets with a different colour than the base cabinets) or a vibrant island into your kitchen space to bring it to life and arouse interest in all your household members (kids love colourful places). Plus, vibrant kitchen colours will help hide some of the stains and conceal crumbs and other messes you haven’t had a chance to clean up. However, if you’re all about minimalism, don’t despair. Choose easy-maintenance and stain-resistant materials, and you can rock an all-white kitchen with no problem!

Consider your floor-plan

An average family kitchen is rarely used for food preparation only! Most people grab a quick snack straight from the fridge, have a coffee at the counter or even help their kids with homework at the kitchen island. So, allow good flow through the space to prevent crowding and frustration. Dual-access entries are great for creating circulation and better zoning, even in a small kitchen.

Go custom

Suppose your kitchen space is full of awkward corners and hard-to-access places. In that case, you might have a lot of issues with your kitchen design, especially if you’re creating a family kitchen that requires good flow, plenty of storage and practicality. However, instead of winging your design, hiring experts with experience in creating a custom kitchen layout for families is always better! They will listen to your demands, whether you want to concentrate on storage, modern appliances or aesthetic appeal, and deliver it. You can even ask for energy- and water-saving designs to reduce your utility bills and help you protect the environment! Create your dream kitchen from scratch with a kitchen renovation.

Be eco-friendly

Eco Friendly Kitchen ideas
Accessible Kitchen Design Tricks: Go eco-friendly

While we’re on the subject of energy-saving, it’s a good time to talk about eco-friendliness for a moment. Family kitchens aren’t the most environmentally-friendly spaces: kids might leave the taps running, fridge doors open, and lights on all day. That’s why you might want to invest in a few energy-saving gadgets that will help the environment AND your wallet. For instance, you can get low-flow faucets, fridge locks, light sensors and kitchen appliances which are rated Energy Star appliances.

Work on your space-saving skills

kitchen design tricks Kitchen Design Tricks
Use space saving as one of the kitchen design tricks

Listen, as long as your kids are living with you, your kitchen will be a bit overflowing and messy. However, you can always salvage some storage space with great ideas! Closed storage and double-duty furniture are all practical, but there are other ways to save your kitchen’s footprint. For instance, try replacing your regular doors with sliding barn doors. They will help you conceal all the mess you’ve created during meal prep and close off your pantry without taking any precious floor-space! And, don’t forget to install child-proof locks if you have younger kids who love to explore.

Boost safety

Kids are super curious and love to explore, especially places that are not made for them, like kitchens! So, if you want to make your family kitchen safe even for the youngest of your family members, you must consider these safety additions. Aside from child-proof locks, there are also oven locks, stove button guards and anti-scalding devices for faucets. Another thing you can do to ensure your kids’ safety is to opt for round-edge counters, choose textured floors that will minimize slips and be smart about gadget placement.

It’s always best to store dangerous gadgets and utensils on the top shelf! Another great idea is to cover the electrical outlets with protectors.

Provide kids with entertainment

kitchen design tricks Kitchen Design Tricks
Kitchen Design Tricks: Get kids involved

If you want to keep a constant eye on your kids, even while you’re preparing food or having a quick snack in the kitchen, you need to keep them in your vicinity. But, how can you keep kids entertained in the kitchen? Well, you can install a small TV over your island and you’ll always have your kids near! Another thing you can do to keep them occupied but safe is to create a blackboard wall. This addition will not only unleash little artists in your kids, but also help you keep tabs on your shopping and schedules. Plus, it looks quite modern and chic!

Contrary to popular beliefs, it’s possible to have a practical, functional and beautiful family kitchen! All you need is some careful planning, a little help from professionals and plenty of entertainment to keep your kids occupied while you deal with food prep. So, don’t hesitate to employ these kitchen design tricks and transform your messy kitchen that only causes stress into a beautiful social hub loved by all family members!