Kitchen Design Tricks

With school lunch preparation, family dinners and quick, messy snacks for the toddlers, a family kitchen often looks like a war zone! Sauces everywhere, wet spots on the floor and counters overflowing with trinkets! However, these kitchen design tips will open up your space, improve your organization and help you […]

Kitchen Island Range Hoods

Kitchen Island Range Hoods – Best Top 10 in 2023 Find the best kitchen island range hood for your kitchen island remodel in this kitchen island hoods best top 10 list! Range hoods are a focal point in any kitchen. Although they are essential for proper kitchen ventilation, they also […]

Delicious Kielbasa Hashbrown Casserole

Best Cheesy Kielbasa Hashbrown Casserole Dish Anyone who knows me, knows that I love my comfort food. Potatoes, pasta, steaks and breads are the way to my heart. I love this easy recipe for a potato casserole, which combines simple ingredients like cheddar cheese, juicy kielbasa sausage and hashbrowns into […]

Cigar Lounge Rules of Etiquette

Cigar Lounge Rules – 10 Tips on Etiquette Have you ever been in a cigar lounge trying to relax and enjoy a fine cigar, maybe a nice pour of whiskey along with it, trying to unwind from a long work week? As you are sitting there trying to get lost […]

BBQ Salmon Fillet – Simple and Delicious

I really like salmon, but cooking it indoors can smell up your house for days. So we prefer to cook our salmon fillet outside, on a bbq. So here is my delicious bbq salmon fillet recipe. BBQ Salmon Fillet – Atlantic Salmon (preferred) Ingredients: A 2 lb salmon fillet (size […]

7 Tasty Pasta Side Dishes For Salmon

7 Easy Pasta Side Dishes for Salmon Grilled or barbequed salmon fillet is one of my favorite dishes to prepare. With lots of protein, abundance of flavor and super easy to make, grilled salmon can be an any-day meal or a special salmon dinner for entertaining company. But you might be […]

Houseplants Safe For Pets & Kids

25 Non Toxic Houseplants Safe For Pets & Kids There are plenty of reasons to bring popular houseplants into your home. They can improve air quality, support cognitive health, boost your sense of well-being, and improve your emotional wellness. They can also create a calming aesthetic throughout your home that […]

3 Different Types of Cigar Cutters

3 Types of Cigar Cutters – Pros and Cons of each There are a few fiercely debated topics in the cigar community; cellophane on or off, what humidity to keep the humidor, is this Cuban real, and finally what type of cigar cutters work best. I will start this off […]